Asia's Growth Leading to Strong Inflation Threat

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Too much of a good thing.

A new report by the International Monetary Fund warns Asia's strong growth could lead to an even stronger inflation threat.

The IMF's Asia Pacific Director says inflation and capital inflows are the two challenges, which threaten to hamper Asia's economic growth this year.

In a first on CNBC interview, Anoop Singh gave his opinion about what the region needs to do, to get a grip on rising prices.

(SOT) Anoop Singh, Asia Pacific Director, IMF:

"In most countries interest rates are negative. In real term, the policy rates are certainly well below where they were pre-crisis. So therefore we can expect countries in Asia to tighten monetary policy. And all over Asia there is room to have a more flexible exchange rate policy and to have some appreciation. We've seen that Asia is probably more vulnerable than other emerging markets to the effects of commodity prices on inflation. And the second point is, we are seeing in Asia in some countries that the spill over effects from commodity prices to general inflationary expectations is rising.”

Elsewhere, JP Morgan is making inroads - expanding to China solidifying a presence in London, while still beefing up operations in the United States.

Just days ago, the Wall Street banking giant was given the green light by Chinese regulators for a joint venture - bringing it one step closer to operating a securities business on the mainland.

In a CNBC Exclusive interview, JP Morgan's Chairman and CEO, Jamie Dimon said expanding overseas is firmly on the agenda.

(SOT) Jamie Dimon, Chairman & CEO, JP Morgan:

"I know there's a lot of noise about international expansion. I think it's just we're pushing it more. We want to do it faster and more aggressively and more thoughtfully. And remember a lot of the international expansion, if we go to Brazil or China, it's not just for Brazil or China, we're helping American companies and Italian companies, going to Brazil and China. We're expanding kind of with the global economy. We do a lot of business with Chinese companies outside of China in Hong Kong. This particular joint venture, which we can only own one third of, can issue shares in Shanghai. We need the capability. We think we've built the right kind of controls. So we go to the client and we can do all the things they need.”

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