Waking up With Nicole Lapin


Get your UGGs on and break out the Hot Paws — here's what you missed while bundled in your electric blanket last night and need to know to have a happy snowy hump day:

PORTUGAL: Great debt auction, average yield 5.396% on 2014 bond; 2020 is at 6.719% — Spain is on deck.

DER HAMMER!: Germany's economy grew at the fastest pace since reunification. Seriously.

POUND: Sterling didn't like the weaker than expected UK trade deficit numbers.

HOOK UP: The EZ rescue fund could increase euros for lending from 250b to 440b euros.

HOT COMMODITIES: Cliffs Natural Resources bids for Canada's Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines. Potash redux?

BANK LOVE: Dimon says JP Morgan could pay an annual dividend of $0.75-$1 as soon as Q2.

COUNTERPARTY: Goldman ditches "clients" for "counterparty" culture and gains more criticism from the Senate on conflict of interest. So much for a 63-page indulgence.

ROADMAP: The Fed's Beige Book out today could show us what to expect at the next FOMC meeting in 2 weeks.

OIL EFFECT: Look for an impact of higher oil prices on import prices out at 8:30a, forecast to rise 1.2%

BLACK GOLD: Chevron loves it some rising crude oil prices. It's expects a better Q4 than Q3.

HUNGRY: Global food prices + Severe weather = a crummy USDA global crop report out today. Should show US stockpiles at lowest levels in years.

BRR: Dallas Fed Pres Richard Fisher is supposed to speak at the Haahvard Club in NYC. Snow permitting. Bundle up boys and girls.