The Battle of Two Automakers: Ford or GM?

For Wednesday's "Mad Money," Cramer visited a Ford Motor manufacturing plant in Dearborn, Mich. In doing so, he took time to answer questions from a few members of the audience.

John, an environmental engineer at Ford , wanted Cramer to compare the share price of Ford to that of General Motor . The "Mad Money" host said Ford is a growth stock, which for several reasons, could continue to growth even if the economies of the world aren't doing well. GM, on the other hand, is a recovering story.

"They both can be owned, but Ford is a growth story and GM is just a hopeful turnaround," Cramer said. "But I think the turnaround is going to happen. It's going to be very successful."

Jennifer, who works in recruiting at Ford, asked Cramer about lithium. With more cars being powered by batteries, she wondered if it's a play. Cramer said he's concerned about lithium supplies, as well as rare earth metals. He recommends Chemical & Mining Co. of Chile , "the pure play" on lithium.

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