Hang Out with NetNet on Facebook and Twitter

Loic Venance | AFP | Getty Images

While we weren’t looking,NetNetwent and gathered a couple of hundred friends on Facebook.

We’re still an almost unnoticeable friendless peon when compared to our big sibling, CNBC, which has somewhere like 75,000 friends on Facebook.

But we’re still proud and we’re hoping you’ll sign up.

Technically, you cannot actually “friend” NetNet. Facebook has some silly rule that only real people can have friends. But you can “like” us on Facebook. That way you’ll get some of our posts in your Facebook newsfeed. Not more than a few a day, though. So don’t worry about having us clog up your Facebook page.

We’re also on Twitter. Actually, we’re on Twitter twice. There’s @cnbcnetnet, which is a feed of only our “greatest hits” during the day. If you are really hardcore and want every single NetNet post to show up in your Twitter feed, follow @netnetdigest.

Thanks! See you on Facebookand Twitter.