What's On: JPMorgan, Intel and Corporate Taxes

Here's what's up on Friday's Squawk on the Street:

--Full reaction to JP Morgan's quarterly report. The analyst's conference call will start at 9, we'll cover it from start to finish. We're also looking at other big cap stocks as several big names report in the next few weeks. On our list: Bank of America , Citigroup, Caterpillar, General Electric and Microsoft.

--Also, reaction to Intel's numbers. Traders will be getting ready to make their moves after the company posted higher numbers than expected.

--We're also debating the wisdom of lowering the country's corporate tax. Right now the biggest company's in the nation pay 35 percentg. If however the tax is lowered, the government is likely to eliminate certain deductions and loopholes. That's also the focus of the Street Poll: do American companies pay too much or too little? Share your opinion, and watch Squawk on the Street, live from the New York Stock Exchange, 9am.