Invasion of Privacy: Photos of the Facebook CEO's New House

We can’t get enough of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s private life.

Mark Zuckerberg's new home.
source: Google Maps
Mark Zuckerberg's new home.

It’s an insatiable pit of desire for details, facts, snapshots, keyboard lint — anything to make us feel like we got a peek at the private life of the man who built an empire off our privacy, that is now estimated to be valued at $50 billion.

Of course, we know we’re no match for the kid wonder and his personal-fact-digging algorithms, but we press on nonetheless.

Today, Gawker reported that Zuck’s renting a new house just seven blocks from his old digsin the College Terrace neighborhood of Palo Alto near the Stanford campus, thanks to photos sent in by a neighbor.

Google Mapsonce again proved to be worth its weight in awesomeness, delivering a shot of the outside (see above) and a chance to peruse the neighborhood. dug up some details from the rental listing when it was on the market this past year as well as some photos of the inside. The 2,620 square-foot property sits on .14 acre and was built in 2002. It’s four bedrooms and three baths, featuring hardwood floors on the lower level, a deck, granite countertops, a large media room and a balcony off the master suite. The listing said the asking price was $5,900 a month.

As you'll notice, the house isn't that spectacular on the inside — what his rent is buying is really the neighborhood. But really, we were never in it for the granite or the media room. We were in it for the privacy.


Zuckerberg Rental Property Interior
Zuckerberg Rental Property Interior

— Colleen Kane contributed to this article.

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