Uncle Ben & Uncle Tim Hold A Lot of Paper

Image Source: ZeroHedge

The US Treasury now directly holds a mind scrambling $1.07 trillion in securities—including yesterday's Permanent Open Market Operations.

Based on those numbers the United States holds $163 billion in assets more than our largest creditor—the Chinese.

The source of the data is the Federal Reserve's balance sheet—cleverly sliced and diced by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. (Click here or on the image for full size)

And—once again—the chart porn is fantastic.

Note: On the Federal Reserve balance sheet chart we've reposted, the y-axis values are expressed in millions of dollars. Just in case you're having difficulty shifting the decimal point six places to the right, the $4,000,000—when expressed in millions—is $4 trillion. Simply dizzying.


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