China's Lending Binge


Citi Misses [CNBC] "Citigroup posted a quarterly profit but missed analyst estimates as revenues from securities and banking operations weakened. The company's net income was $1.3 billion and total revenue for the quarter was $18.4 billion"

"Success Questions at Apple after Jobs's Latest Medical Leave" [Wall Street Journal] "Steve Jobs's latest medical leave from Apple Inc. renews questions about the depth of the company's executive bench. In the near term, there's little doubt the Cupertino, Calif., company can be run ably by Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook, who has successful"

China's Lending Binge [Financial Times] "China has lent more money to other developing countries over the past two years than the World Bank, a stark indication of the scale of Beijing’s economic reach and its drive to secure natural resources."

"Bear Investor Says 'I Have Been Too Bullish'" [CNBC] CNBC's Patrick Allen reports: "Albert Edwards, a global strategist at Societe Generale well known for his bearish stance, said late Monday he has got it wrong and that he has been too bullish."

Cheney Heart Transplant Questions Loom [New York Times] "Former Vice President Dick Cheney said he has not decided whether to seek a heart transplant for what he called his 'end-stage heart failure' but said he will make that decision 'at some point.'"

"Dampening the U.S.-China fireworks" [Reuters] Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to Washington this week may be the calm after the storm when it comes to economic relations between the world's two biggest economies.

OP-ED: Palin, American Exceptionalism, Frank Capra [New York Times] "In her Facebook reflections on the events in Arizona, Sarah Palin observes that our government was not designed for 'perfect men and women.' It is because we are not angels, she says , that we require a system of government that acknowledges “the inevitable conflicts” produced by our 'imperfect passions' and yet provides mechanisms — free speech, vigorous debate — that allow us to settle those conflicts without resorting to 'dueling pistols.' That, she declares, is the system the Founders designed, and it is part of 'why America is exceptional,' an assertion she makes twice."

When 20 Oz Isn't Enough (Mmmm: C8H10N4O2) [AP] "Starbucks will begin a phased-in nationwide rollout Tuesday of its Trenta cup size that can be filled with just shy of a quart's worth of iced beverages such as coffee, tea and lemonade."