Investors are 'Engaged in Their Portfolios': Fidelity Exec

Mutual Funds
Jay Brousseau | Stone | Getty Images
Mutual Funds

With Fidelity Investments reporting net retail inflows up 25 percent year-over-year in 2010, John Sweeney, one of the firm's executive vice presidents, told CNBC Tuesday that investors have come back and are engaged in their portfolios.

Sweeney is in planning and advisory services at the mutual funds giant.

Sweeney also said that investors are seeking guidance from financial services professionals—trying multiple ways of boosting their investment earnings. Among them, he said, are iShares, with which Fidelity has a partnership.

“We’re seeing that individual traders are coming back to make income, as well,” said Stephen Ehrlich, CEO and founder of Lightspeed Financial.

Ehrlich, who appeared with Sweeney, said that individuals are educating themselves about investing, not just to buy and hold, so that they can supplement their income. He added that he thinks the nearly 10 percent unemployment rate has influenced a newfound interest among individuals to learn about using investments to generate extra cash.

He said many people are investing in large companies, such as Apple, Google and Research in Motion .