US, Europe Better Bets as Inflation Hits: Marc Faber

Rising inflation pressures in emerging market nations will make Europe and the US better investment opportunities in 2011, according to "Dr. Doom" Marc Faber.

Dr. Marc Faber
Axel Griesch | ASFM | Getty Images
Dr. Marc Faber

Escalating food and energy prices will take a greater toll in poorer countries such as China and India, the author of the "Gloom, Boom and Doom" report said in a CNBC interview.

"We have money printing around the world and particularly in the US and that has led to very high food inflation and inflation in energy prices," Faber said. "In low-income countries like China, India, Vietnam and so forth, energy and food account for a much larger portion of personal disposable income than in the United States."

"So these countries are suffering from basic high inflation, and that reduces the purchasing power of people. So I think the monetary authorities in emerging countries are going to have to tighten or let inflation accelerate, both of which are not particularly good for equities," he said.

Investors looking to brace themselves against the coming inflation pressures should buy oil, which Faber said will rise regardless of what happens in the global economy.

Oil prices have risen sharply over the past two months, up 14 percent since their most recent low on Nov. 23. Other commodities, particularly grains and other food-related items, also have shown big gains.

If the economy recovers, then oil demand will rise, and if high inflation leads to global conflict then that will disrupt supplies and also lead to higher prices, he said.

"Either you're very bullish or very bearish," he said. "You should own some oil and energy equities."