China's President Meets with Top Business Leaders

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Earlier today, Chinese President Hu Jintao met with top business leaders - including the CEOs of Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and Boeing.

Also at the lunch was Coca Cola boss Muhtar Kent, who's given CNBC an insider scoop on the mood and tone of the discussions.

(SOT) Muhtar Kent, Coca-Cola CEO, Washington D.C.:

"The mood was solemn and frank and was I think a positive mood in terms of what needs to be done to improve conditions of trade, conditions of across investment between the two countries, issues such as I.P. Protection, issues such as investment restriction, issues such as innovation policies and M&A restrictions all of that was discussed I think very openly and everybody is looking very positively towards the future in terms of the potential that still exists between the two countries and the businesses of the two countries."

Kent - who also represents the U.S.-China business council - has just initiated an 'Invest in the United States' seminar program, which will make it easier for Mainland firms to bring investments into America.

Kent says Chinese investment is "an increasingly important feature of the next decade" - and will be really critical for the US economy, as well as for the growth of businesses in China.

(SOT) Muhtar Kent, Coca-Cola CEO, Washington D.C.:

"There is a very positive mood towards further improvements in those critical areas, like investment policies, investment restrictions, innovation policies, also other issues related to M&A restrictions and so there is a very good, positive mood. But at the same time, we in the United States have to make it easier for Chinese companies to come invest here, which is good for jobs in the United States, which is also good for the world economy."

Meantime, some analysts say the U.S. is comfortable with not pressing China too strongly on the economic front, during President Hu's visit.

Rodger Baker of Statfor says Yuan appreciation probably won't be a major portion of the discussions. Rather talks will center on defense and resolving the Koreas tension.

(SOT) Rodger Baker, VP Of Strategic Intelligence, Stratfor, Austin, Texas:

"When we look at the relationship between the two, the economic issue is something that they can bicker over. But in general right now, both countries, the U.S. coming through its recovery and the Chinese not necessarily as strong as they appear are, both need to keep this relationship stable."

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