Getting Into Exclusive Playboy Party More Pricey Than Super Bowl Tickets

Since the the skin mags started competing for Super Bowl attention through parties in 2001, I've been at almost every single one from Playboy to Maxim to Penthouse.

The more outrageous parties happened in the first five years, when print media was still optimistic and the free Internet wasn't cutting into subscriptions. That changed in recent years, as these parties have cut back by either inviting fewer people, going with a less elaborate theme or even licensing its name out with the party being thrown by an outsider.

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From everything I've been told, Playboy is going back to its roots by going big in Dallas this year.

The party will take place on the Friday night before the game in front of the Aloft Hotel in downtown Dallas, which will be renamed the Bud Light Hotel for the week.

And unlike last year in Miami, this year's party will be thrown by American Media, the publishing partner of Playboy, which was just brought private by an investment firm headed by Hugh Hefner.

While the party is mostly invite-only, Inside Sports & Entertainment, a sports and entertainment company that sells corporate hospitality packages to most big sporting events, has been granted the exclusive right to sell about 600 tickets to the general public.

How much will it cost to get you in the party?

It's $1,250 a ticket to give you the opportunity to see and talk with roving Playboy bunnies and a have a couple of drinks from the premium bar. If you want to bring your buddies and want table service and a couch reserved, it's $1,750 a ticket and you have to buy a minimum of 10.

The most expensive face value ticket to the Super Bowl this year is $1,300 for a club seat.

"Playboy told us they're going back to the glory years and are promising that this will be a tremendous party," said Matt Haines, senior vice president for Inside Sports & Entertainment.

That might be tough task as Playboy really pushed the envelope in the beginning years of the Super Bowl bashes. The parties were so hot in 2002 that hundreds of people were turned away from the Maxim party after it was discovered that they had counterfeit tickets.

This is Playboy's 11th Super Bowl party. It is sponsored this year by Bud Light, Pinnacle Vodka & MINI USA.

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