What's On: Big-Cap Reports, Mexico and Solar

Here's what's up on Friday's Squawk on the Street:

--Big reports from big-cap stocks. Bank of America will show us how they fared in the last quarter and investors will be paying close attention. We'll also hear from CEO Brian Moynihan. General Electric also reports (CNBC is part of NBCU which is owned by GE and currently being transferred between companies) and again, investors will be paying close attention and both reports will move the markets.

We're also looking back at what some are calling a lost decade for stocks. We're talking about stocks like Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and DuPont to name a few. Our Street Poll asks if you'd invest in names that have done poorly over the last ten years. Share your opinion.

But wait... there's more....

--We'll hear from Appaloosa Management President & Founder David Tepper. He pretty much called the recent bull run. What's he saying now?

--Also on our agenda, Mexico. One hot item right now, armored vehicles, for obvious reasons. We'll show you who's making them, how they're doing it, and who's buying them.

--And a great solar stock debate. Both sides agree they're good for the environment. The fight is over whether they're good for your portfolio. We're battling it over stocks like JA Solar, First Solar and Suntech.