Tim Seymour: Opportunity In 'This' European Nation

It's not quite 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde' but it's close.

With so many nations in Europe too scary for most American investors, you may be surprised to hear one is actually attractive!

According to Fast trader Tim Seymour, the attractive nation is Germany.

The part of the continent including Germany is “incredibly healthy and physically fit,” he said on Fast Money's morning call.

In the past Seymour has suggested looking at Germany-based Daimler and SAP whose products become cheaper due to a weaker euro.

And the prospects for Germany just look better and better.

German business confidence climbed to a record high in January thanks to strong exports to Asia. The German government raised its 2011 GDP forecast this week from 1.8% to 2.3%. Germany’s economy grew 3.6% last year. That was the fastest pace since reunification.

“There is opportunity in between all the headlines,” says Seymour.

However, Seymour cautions that other parts of Europe remain rather scary. We're talking the part that includes Ireland, Spain, Greece and peripheral European countries, is “incredibly ravaged,” says Seymour.

So, the EmergingMoney.com couldn't get that excited about news Spain will partially nationalize its weakest savings banks with a bullish outlook on European investments generally.

Though Seymour believes Spain is doing the right thing in “digging the cancer out,” there is no guarantee that Spanish bond holders will be spared the pain of a future default. And either way, he just doesn't think that part of the continent is a good place to put money to work.

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