Waking up With Nicole Lapin


Put on your Monday big girl/boy long underpants and get on with it. Here's what you need to know to start the week out right:

NO GREEN: Like Ireland doesn't have enough going on, the PM of stepped aside as the head of the party this weekend. He's still PM but the pressure is on to move up elections March 11.

STATES OF PAIN: S&P says state and local bond downgrades could increase this year. This is as the MUB is way off, yields have hit the highest levels since the financial crisis and investors pulled out a record amount from muni-land ($4 billion). Thank you, Miss Whitney.

HOT COCOA: The ivory coast export ban had sent the cost of cocoa to a boil.

PAPER MACHE: Rock-Tenn is buying Smurfit-Stone Contain Corp. for $3.5b. (P.S. They make boxes.)

NO McLOVE: Q4 EPS are in line at $1.16; Revenues $6.21b v. $6.20 estimates but December sales were below expectations.

CRUNCH TIME: 1/4 of the S&P 500 and almost half of the Dow report this week. Today look out for AMEx, CSX, TI, Amgen.

SEAMLESS WEB?: The FT reports Amazon.com will start a home delivery service for "groceries and other sundry items."

ANGRY BIRDS: A UK woman downloaded the 10 billionth app on iTunes. Gail Davis of Kent, UK will get a $10,000 App Store gift certificate to spend over a lifetime if she choses to accept it —it's before taxes.