A Combo Pack Destined to Destroy Your Willpower

There are two ways to get on The Biggest Loser.

You can eat only string cheese and do five thousand crunches to replace Jillian Michaels.

Source: geekosystem.com

Or you can eat this—the greatest food combo since peanut butter and chocolate, or milk and Oreos.

Nestle-owned DiGiorno and Toll House are teaming up for what I call a Weapon of Mass Expansion.

They're offering a frozen pepperoni pizza with a side of chocolate chip cookies.

What took so long?

Actually, when I first saw the photo on Geekosystem.comI thought the whole thing might be a hoax.

It is not.

Though the new Pizza & Cookies item has yet to make it to the company's official web site, DiGiorno confirms its existence via Twitter.

There's only one warning on the product label: "Do not consume raw cookie dough." Good luck with that. I have my own warning. This is a plot by Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmajinedad to destroy us, one calorie at a time. Genius. Take that, Mrs. Obama!

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