Fans Buy Tickets To Stand Outside Super Bowl — At A Markup!

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Superbowl XLV Logo

When the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys announced that they’d be selling tickets to fans who wanted to stand outside the stadium for the Super Bowl, many people laughed at the concept and the $200 price tag.

But it might be the league and the Cowboys who have the last laugh.

Secondary ticketing company StubHub started permitting the sale of what is called Party Plaza tickets on its site on Monday. And, in the first 24 hours, StubHub buyers are paying an average of $317 for the ticket, good for a 58.8% markup from the original highly mocked face value.

It’s not clear how many Party Plaza tickets were sold, but Cowboys season ticket holders got the first dibs on the general admission spots. Those fans had to buy a package of four tickets, which also came with a parking pass.

StubHub spokesperson Joellen Ferrer said she wouldn’t be surprised if the Party Plaza tickets, which allow fans to watch outside the stadium on large video screens, actually go up from here.

“There’s a ton of people flying into Dallas and they might buy these if they’re having trouble finding tickets for the right price,” Ferrer said. “I wouldn’t be shocked if it hit the $500 price point.”

Ferrer said that, so far, fans have paid an average of $3,711 for a Super Bowl ticket on the site, but that price is expected to fall as more tickets seem to be hitting the marketplace.

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