What's On: Stock Buybacks, Home Sales and Oil Inventory

Here's what's up on Wednesday's Squawk on the Street:

--The global recovery from Wall Street to Davos and back to Main Street. On Wall Street, the focus is on earnings. 35 members of the S&P 500 submit their quarterly report cards to investors. While in Davos, the power players of global finance try to cool the hot topics of rising prices, debt and commodities. Here at the NYSE, we'll get a clear read on global growth from international power houses like Boeing, United Technologies and Norfolk Southern.

Have you seen the numbers? Since the lows of March 2009, nearly all the major averages have more than doubled, with the Russell 2000 up 127 percent. Did Main Street miss the rally? Should they jump in now and which stocks and ETFs are buys? Key questions for all investors answered minutes after the opening bell sounds.

--It's also the morning following the President's State of the Union address. Ahead of the open, we'll give investors the key takeaways and what they need to know before trading begins. And our Street Poll asks if you think the President's agenda will strengthen the economy. Share your opinion

Plus, the battle of the cheap eats. Casual dining versus fast food. SAC's Steve Cohen making a big bet on Domino's. But others disagree. Will consumers dine out or drive thru? Find out just before 10am ET.

--Two stocks garnering a lot of investor attention: Citi and Netflix. You'll never guess why there's a trading frenzy in Citi shares. And when it comes to Netflix, we have the 5 questions management must answer to convince a Netflix short to go long.

--Then at 10, breaking economic news — new home sales. We'll have the numbers as soon as they hit the tape and immediate market reaction. Then, we'll take the focus off the numbers and debate whether housing data is all noise until the spring selling season hits.

More breaking news at 10:30am ET, when the weekly oil inventory report is released. Oil has slid more than 5 percent over the past week, making this number key to the energy investors. A trader in the pits with immediate analysis and how he's playing it.

-- Tiffany, Coach, Intel have all announced buybacks this week. But is repurchasing stock really a sign of confidence or just a way to manipulate earnings per share? Beware the buyback craze today on Squawk on the Street.

Kick off the trading day with Squawk on the Street. We're live from the Big Board starting at 9am ET.