Investors Are 'Very Underweight' Stocks: Deutsche Bank's Chadha

Investors are "very underweight" equities now, said Binky Chadha, chief US equity strategist at Deutsche Bank.

Chadha dismissed the importance of the Dow passing 12,000 Wednesday, preferring to focus on the S&P 500.

"If you think about [markets] in terms of the S&P 500, we're more likely to see more of a consolidation...closer to 1350 than where we are today."

S&P 1350 would be "about doubling from where we were at the March 2009 lows," he added.

Stocks have barely begun to move to their full upside potential, Chadha believes, as "factors and risks are overwhelmingly positive" now.

He said the market has been waiting for certain "boxes to be checked." And three such "boxes" have been satisfied:

"Macro box has been checked; earnings are getting checked. Flows are coming back into equities."

Chadha is long energy and short materials. And within the financials sector, he favors asset managers.

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Disclosure information was not available for Chadha or his company.