Thursday: Need to Know

The United States continues to be the major conversation point at a World Economic Forum lacking a definitive major issue.

While the outlook for the US in Davos has been fairly bullish, the Federal Reserve said that it is cautious on the outlook for growthand will continue its bond-buying program.

Heard in Davos 2011 - Dispatches From The Conference
Heard in Davos 2011 - Dispatches From The Conference

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner escaped the snow and is now on his way to Davos to meet with leaders and central bankers.

The focus on austerity measures continues. UK Deputy PM Nick Clegg told the Financial Times that the goverment will not abandon its spending cuts.

And looking around the Congress Center, clearly this year's must-have accessory is Apple's iPad.

Tablet computers will make up 10 to 15 percent of the personal computer marketthis year, Lenovo's chief operating officer told Reuters on the sidelines.