The Economy, Any Way You Slice It

Pizza has a big place in the Davos diet. At almost every bar and restaurant in the town it's on the menu and the CNBC team practically lives on it during the WEF. It's quick, filling and, depending on the toppings, can provide a nutritional boost.


But something new caught my eye as I was heading along the main drag, the Promenade. There's a restaurant actually offering an official WEF Pizza. (On closer inspection it wasn't an acronym like Watercress, Eggs, Feta.)

Now, what exactly would a WEF Pizza be? How could a pie or a slice capture the global and economic spirit of the annual meeting?

Or taking it a step further, how could a pizza represent some of the global economies?

Here's what we hope to see on the menu next year:

Germany Pizza - You get one huge pizza, but you have to share it with a bunch of other tables around the restaurant.

USA Pizza - You get one bad pizza with subprime beef topping, but you can leverage it up to six pizzas.

Heard in Davos 2011 - Dispatches From The Conference
Heard in Davos 2011 - Dispatches From The Conference

China Pizza - You order a medium and get an extra-large pizza.

Japan Pizza - You get pretty much the same pizza you've had year after year.

UK Pizza - You get a pizza with a lot of slices cut out of it already.

(For the record, the WEF Pizza is red onions, olives, arugula and salami.)

Any other ideas for the WEF Global Economy Pizza? Send them to