Bad Rapping, Crazy Felonies, and ‘The Body’ Humiliated

We live in awkward times.

I spent most of Wednesday reporting liveoutside a Starbucks in Burbank, talking about earnings. It was a gorgeous day, temperature in the 70s.

Street crowd
Street crowd

A perfect day for everyone to come out.


In between live shots I was approached by a guy who tried to convince me that Disney actually owns Starbucks and is using a "spy phone" to steal money.


Then there was the man with the thick accent who, to the best of my knowledge, said something like, "I am Persian. My daughter get married. How much to put on TV?" I witnessed a debate over Starbucks' upcoming logo change. On the one hand, a man (German, toupee) hates the logo ("It looks even more religious."), while a man missing quite a few teeth walking his pit bull loves it ("They're about more than coffee").

At least they were trying to make sense of it all.

Here's a story which makes no sense.

An Ohio mother living in a housing project lied about her address so her kids could go to a safer, better school. The school district found out, and had her arrested for a FELONY. She's been sentenced to jail time. The court finds itself in the awkward position of denying a single mom who is trying to earn a teaching degree the ability to do so, because in Ohio convicted felons can't get teaching degrees.

More awkwardness...

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is suing the TSAover pat-downs and body scanners, calling them so invasive they've "forced him to abandon commercial flight rather than suffer 'humiliation and degradation' at the hands of the TSA."

Really? You going to drive, Jesse? You have the money to fly charter? I don't. Seems an awfully high price to pay for "The Body" to avoid the awkwardness of showing off that body in a back scatter image.

Even more awkward, yet somehow seductive: a web site called White People Rapping Poorly. Hard to pick what's most painful here--though the tutorial on how to upgrade Microsoft MS-DOS rates very high.

Elsewhere on the web, you'd think SOMEONE would feel awkward watching Steve Kardynal freaking out in a public place, as he does in this video shot inside an Apple Store. Warning: language. It isn't until the very end of the stunt that someone --a kid--finally approaches Kardynal to validate the insanity at hand.

Finally, there's the awkwardness created by a web site someone turned me on to. It's called Friend or Follow, and it tells you which people you follow on Twitter are also following you. I didn't think I'd care. Turns out I do.


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