Wall Street To New York: Stop Whining, 19 Inches Ain't So Bad

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Wall Street pretty much shrugged off the blizzard.

If you set your alarm an hour early, put on a pair of gloves—and sucked up the pain—you probably made it in to work just fine. That seems to be the consensus opinion of those who didn't use the weather as an excuse to sleep in an extra hour.

When I asked BlackRock if they had any special operating procedures in place, due to the storm, a spokesperson said: "Nope: We're here!"

JPMorgan Chase, striking the magnanimous note, delayed openings at a few of their branches that were worst affected "to make sure out people were able to get to work safely," according to a spokesman.

Goldman Sachs didn't think my snow story was important enough to justify returning my call within the hour.

Ditto Morgan Stanley on the no call back.

A guy at a car service called Wall Street Transportation and Limousine Company told me everything was going pretty much according to schedule—with the possible exception of 'one guy from Toronto' who was tied up from a flight delay.

(When in doubt blame the Canadian, I say. If you can manage to do that, The Wall Street Transportation and Limousine Company has an unblemished record today.)

Wall Street Towing must be doing a brisk business—no doubt thanks to the storm—because I couldn't get anyone on the phone.

A lady I spoke to at a sandwich shop called Wall Street Deli seemed totally confused – then told me that the weather down there was just fine. (Possible explanation: Wall Street Deli is located in Birmingham, Alabama—which may help to explain her confusion.)

Finally, I spoke to a hostess at Delmonico's steakhouse on Beaver Street—downtown, in the heart of the financial district.

Delmonico's isn't experiencing any weather related delays or problems of any kind: If you want to have a steak for lunch, reservations are still available.


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