GSEs, Citigroup, Lehman, AIG, Goldman Sachs And Jamie Dimon at Top of Financial Crisis League Table


This probably is not the sort of league table anyone hoped to top.

The FCIC today released its official report on the financial crisis, along with two dissenting reports. Together they run 633 pages, including the footnotes but not including the index.

Out of all the surviving Wall Street firms named in the report, Citigroup is signaled out most often—with 549 mentions. Goldman Sachs is a distant second, mentioned just 354 times. Jamie Dimon is the single most named Wall Street executive, garnering 35 mentions.

The combined reports seem to de-emphasize the role of individuals in favor of discussing the role of organizations. Former Lehman CEO is mentioned just 31 times—while Lehman gets 566 mentions. Former Citigroup CEO Chuck Prince is mentioned around 32 times. Goldman’s CEO, Lloyd Blankfein is mentioned just 22 times. Bear Stearn’s Jimmy Cayne gets named 26 times. Merrill Lynch is named 255 times, while Stan O’Neal gets just 17 mentions and John Thain gets just 21 mentions.

Failure was a good way to make it big in the report. The government sponsored mortgage giants play a large role in the combined reports. Fannie Mae is mentions 785 times. Freddie Mac 407 times. AIG, which the government bailed out in 2008, is mentioned 557 times. One surprise is that Countrywide only garners 165 mentions.

Here are the full tables from our quick scan of the reports.

FCIC Report League Tables: Financial Executive

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan 35
Dick Fuld, Lehman 31
Stan O’Neal, Merrill  17
Jimmy Cayne, Bear 26
Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman 22
John Mack, Morgan Stanley 15
Angelo Mozilo, Countrywide 40
Chuck Prince, Citigroup 32
John Thain, Merrill 21
Vikram Pandit, Citi 16

FCIC Report League Tables: Financial Institutions

Fannie Mae 798
Freddie Mac 407
Lehman Brothers  566
AIG 557
Citigroup  549
Goldman Sachs 354
Merrill Lynch 255
Bear Stearns 218
Countrywide 165
Wachovia 151
JP Morgan 139
Bank of America 135
Morgan Stanley 95
Washington Mutual 39
Wells Fargo 34

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