Jimmer Fever Hits BYU

Jimmer Fredette jersey
Source: byubookstore.com
Jimmer Fredette jersey

BYU senior guard Jimmer Fredette proved again this week that he's a one-man scoring machine, draining 43 points in the Cougars victory over previously undefeated San Diego State on Wednesday night. It was his third game in the last four that he scored at least 40 points.

BYU is now 20-1 and everyone is talking about Fredette. Anyone affiliated with the program and recently created fans just have to get their hands on a replica of Fredette's #32 jersey. BYU spokesman Michael Smart told CNBC that sales of basketball-related merchandise at the arena on Wednesday night's alone surpassed the season-long merchandise totals from each of last 15 seasons. Think about that. One night surpassed the greatest in-arena revenue the program had in any season dating back to at least 1995.

Now, the race is on to sell all the jerseys that the public is demanding. Smart says the BYU Bookstore, as of yesterday afternoon, has only four #32 replica jerseys left in adult sizes, which are made by OT Sports and sell for $55. There are still some youth jerseys available for $50, but don't expect that to last through the day. Smart says sales of the jersey have already tripled as compared to last year's sales.

"They've already ordered more (jerseys) and hope to have those by the Feb. 12 home rivalry game versus Utah," Smart said.

But it isn't exactly easy to turn it around that quickly. The Web site for the BYU Bookstoreis promising to ship newly ordered Fredette jerseys by around Feb. 25.

For those who have to get their Fredette on right now, the BYU bookstore is also selling a #32 T-shirt for $10. Smart says there are enough of these shirts in stock, but the bookstore has already ordered more.

Since the NCAA doesn't admit to this being specifically Fredette's jersey—his name is not allowed to be on the back—Fredette himself will not receive any royalties from the sales of his gear.

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