What's On: Egypt, Retirement and Gold Stocks

Here's what's up on Monday's Squawk on the Street:

--Erin Burnett is live in the middle of the chaos in Cairo. Several Egyptian cities are holding massive rallies, calling for the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. While the market reaction has calmed a bit, there is still going to be a big impact on your money. Erin has it for you this morning live from Egypt.

--Also this morning, advice for anyone nearing retirement age. See what people your age are doing with their money. The good people at Charles Schwab also have some advice. The Street Poll asks if you think you're up or down since you started investing. Share your opinion.

--On the stock list: ExxonMobil reporting numbers. We're looking at gold stocks like AngloGold, Barrick Gold, Gold Fields and Newmont Mining.

It all starts at 9am on Squawk on the Street, live from the New York Stock Exchange.