Goldman's Blankfein Gets a $3.6 Million Raise


ExxonMobil beats the street with fourth quarter profits of $1.85 per share—up 45 percent from the same period last year. [CNBC]

The pressure from the opposition is mounting in Egypt.[WSJ]

Violence and looting are major concerns in Cairo. [Financial Times]

Goldman's Blankfein gets a $3.6 million raise. [CNBC via NY Times]

"Global shares continued to slide on Monday, while Europe's benchmark Brent crude was just short of $100 a barrel on fears political unrest in Egypt could spread among regional oil-producing nations." [Reuters]

Chinese inflation may reduce its trade deficit with the U.S. [NY Times]

Treasuries Drop on Speculation Report Will Show Personal Spending Climbed. [Bloomberg]

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who took power after his father's death,has signaled an openness to greater reform. [Wall Street Journal]

Sanofi and Genzyme have signed a nondisclosure agreement to discuss a possible merger. [DealBook]

In the movie business, never write off Harvey Weinstein. ("Remember the benevolent Bruce Willis character in 'The Sixth Sense' who wandered through the whole movie not knowing he was dead? That was Harvey Weinstein, except for the benevolent part.") [NY Times]