Tough Weather Forecast for the Week

The country is about to get hit with another blast of wintry weather, reports WSI Global Forecasting Services, an NBC Universal Company. Here's their forecast and a look at possible disruptions that may result.

Winter storm originates over the Southern Plains and brings a wintery mix of precipitation to the Southern Plains and Midwest. Potential travel, power impacts


Moderate to heavy snow and ice possible over the southern Plains and Mid-Mississippi Valley. Heavy rain possible over Texas and lower Mississippi Valley on Tuesday and Wednesday.

MARKET IMPACT:Travel delays in the major Midwest and Texas terminals, from Houston to St. Louis on Tuesday and Wednesday. Power disruption likely in areas where heavy snow, winds, and ice impact transmission and distribution infrastructure-–including inter-pool transmission.

Significant winter storm moves into the Ohio Valley and Northeast by mid-week; snow removal budgets, travel, power impacts expected


Moderate to heavy snow and ice possible in the Midwest, Ohio Valley, and Northeast.

MARKET IMPACT:Continued stress on municipal snow removal budgets that have already exceeded seasonal allocations in some cities. Power disruption problems likely in areas where heavy snow, winds, and ice impact transmission/distribution infrastructure including inter-pool transmission. Travel delays in major Midwest & Northeast terminals from Cincinnati to Boston Wednesday and Thursday.

Widespread cold in key markets to lead to strong demand in natural gas and home heating oil

Source: WSI Global Forecasting Services

Widespread cold weather to grip most of the central and eastern U.S. Temperatures as cold as 5-15 degrees likely in key markets.

MARKET IMPACT:Increased demand on heating oil and natural gas reserves. Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, Dallas, Philadelphia,New York, Boston. Power pools, including MISO, NYPP, NEPOOL, PJM, ERCOT, SERC. Potential stress on northern Florida Citrus crop.