Good Ideas, Bad Ideas (One Kind of Gross)

Good idea: bacon flavored vodka. Bacon, like chocolate, makes everything better.

Bad idea: smoked salmon flavored vodka. Enjoy the rare and complex character ..." That works for a Cab Franc blend, not fish-infused vodka.

Good idea: Virgin Atlantic capitalizing on the Royal Weddingwith special round trip fares to London for as low as $199. Romantic AND practical.

Bad idea: Crown Jewels Condomshas its own Royal Wedding tie-in.

Practical, yes, but to "lie back and think of England" is not romantic.

Good or bad idea? The "test baby" dummy in the pre-released Super Bowl ad for is either hilarious or gross.

I'm leaning towards gross. The Austin Statesman reports that beyond the 30-second ad you'll see during the big game, there will be minute-long versions at which can be customized. "They can choose the fate of the baby ('smush,' 'smash' or 'catch'), and replace the baby's face with their own or someone else's."

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