Waking up With Nicole Lapin


It's snowing and gross, but buck up Chuck (or whatever your name is)—I'm back and I know you've missed me. Here's what else you've missed while you were dreaming about your chance to snag a Trenta today:

FALL: Germany's unemployment drops to 7.4%- the lowest since reunification. Sorry to fill up your plate, Mr. Trichet.

DOWN: Egypt's market is closed for the 5th day, banks are also closed.

MAZEL TOV: The Dow logs the best January since 1997. Asia and Europe are in the green.

CRUDE: Brent Crude tops $100 for the first time in 2 years, Light Sweet closed at $92, up 3.2 percent

NO LOVE: After OPEC said they wouldn't then said they would increase supply if there's an oil crisis, now the IEA (thankyouverymuch) says there is no such crisis.

INFLATION: Chinese, UK and India's PMI all rise.

EARNINGS: Baidu revenue nearly doubles. Anadarko beats, but quarterly profit down. Bellwether UPS, BP and Pfizer go out today.

SICK: A Florida judge rules against Health Care- saying the individual mandate goes to far. (different from the Virginia ruling that said it was unconstitutional) Obama will appeal.

SUPER SICK: Brian Moynihan isn't getting a raise- but don't feel bad for B of A's CEO...his salary is still $950k, with $9m in stock.

SCARY: Banks like GS, Citi, JP Morgan Chase and Barclays apparently are upping security after an apparent al Qaeda terrorist threat.