Love And Money Can Be The Heart of the Matter


Money is both the great equalizer and the great divider. The latter is particularly true when it comes to family and friends, whether it's parent-child, husband-wife, siblings or BFFs.

Even an industry-created holiday like Valentine's Day is shaped by some strange combination of economics and emotion. So, what better time to tackle the thorny issue.

Our special report, "Love & Money"has plenty of tips on how to handle your money and your relationships, from partnering to parenting.

A common theme in all this is communication. Talking about money—with a child, a spouse or parent, any family member—can be awkward. But straight talk can manage expectations and avoid misunderstanding, disappointment and financial hardship—never mind emotional distress.

Money in such cases is as much about responsibility and honesty as much as it is about sharing and giving.

Some of you may be surprised how many individuals have been deceptive about money with a spouse or significant other, or parents who don't practice what they preach to their children.

The right approach to love and money is also about budgeting and saving.

So check out our wealth of advice.

You'll also find slideshow, a quiz, a gift guideand a series of polls to keep you busy through Valentine's Day.