Waking up With Nicole Lapin


Seriously, if I got over the icy bridge at 2am- you can get a move on, too. Here's what you missed while icicles formed on your eyelids:

CYCLONE: Yasi—the size of Italy—heads toward Australia. It should devastate Cairns and Queensland (tin, cooper and inflation).

TEAM USA!: The fed has passed China as the leading holder of US Treasuries. USA: $1.1t China: $896b

THUMP: It's my year (look up Lapin, you non-Francophiles). In his Lunar New Year speech, Wen said he'd crack down on inflation and property speculators. (He forgot to mention that he'd still like stellar growth, a stiff currency, and a big fat free lunch)

DE-LIVER: The BoJ says they want to pull out of a deflationary stage. By the Spring, in fact. They just don't know how.

EGYPT: The finance minister called into the show and told me banks would open Sunday, wasn't sure about the stock market.

HIGH: Roche opened lower after reporting a 2010 net-profit of $9b, below the $10.3b estimates.

SNOWTORIOUS B-I-G: The storm stretches 2,000 miles. Temps in the Midwest are well below zero. Chicago and St. Louis could get up to 2 feet of snow. Thanks, Puxtatony Phil.

JOBS: The January ADP should clock in at 8:15a at about 140k, although estimates range from 75k-250k. If it's lower, blame Phil, too.

YUMMY: Hershey raises its dividend. Look ahead to Time Warner, IAC, Allergan, Marathon Oil and Mattel before the bell. News Corp, Visa and Yum after the close.

BYE-BYE: Borders could file for bankruptcy and close 150 of 500 stores even after getting $500m from GE Capital. eBooks may have just killed the bookstore star.

BUH-BYE: "The Daily" is unveiled by Murdoch at the Guggenheim today. It will cost $0.99/week and sold exclusively for the iPad through iTunes. Rupert may kill newspapers (and hire their journalists).