What's On: Airlines, Biotech and Egypt

Here's what's up on Thursday's Squawk on the Street:

--Two sectors that didn't have such a great January. Airlines down 3 percent, biotech down 1 percent. We'll be looking at the stocks in those sectors, stocks like Continental Airlines, Southwest, United Airlines, Delta and Hawaiian Air to see if they could be set for a turn around. We'll do the same with the bio-tech stocks like Amgen and Dendreon.

--In addition we're following developments in Egypt very closely after Wednesday's violence.

--Plus meet one of the biggest American investors in the region. We're also hearing from an economist who says he has proof retail stocks could be in trouble based on all this terrible winter weather we're having.

--The Street Poll asks if the bad weather's changing the way you shop and spend. We'll hear what a psychologist has to say about it all, but we want your answer as well. Share your opinion and watch Squawk on the Street starting at 9am sharp.