Weather Will Affect Super Bowl Economics

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It appears as though the disastrous weather that came to Dallas this weekend, won't affect the ticket market much, as fans — for the most part — have been able to get down here.

But that doesn't mean that the restaurants and bars that expected a boost in business won't be affected.

Because of the frigid cold, expect fans to travel fewer miles to get to dinner or find their entertainment over the next couple of days.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is huge and those that planned schedules in advance might have been willing to travel plenty to wine and dine at the best establishments.

But with layers of ice still on the road, slowing down traffic, and brutal temperatures that, with the wind chill will approach zero on Thursday night, fans are going to be less willing to trek out of their hotels.

Business of the Super Bowl - See Complete Coverage
Business of the Super Bowl - See Complete Coverage

The net winners of the stay inside, don't go far away philosophy, will be hotel restaurants and bars.

Despite the bad weather, don't expect the hot parties to be affected. When the Super Bowl was in Detroit, thousands of people — many of whom didn't even get in — waited on line in the snow to get into the Maxim Party.

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