What You Missed at Davos: A Fashion Fix


While black might be the fashion color of choice in New York, the well-heeld group at the World Economic Forum stuck to a more neutral palette of greys, camel and navy.

The majority of the men and women are clad in dark suits and shoes or boots rugged enough to handle the Swiss snowfall. Toss in a ski-jacket, gloves, jaunty ski cap, and the coveted white "members" badge and you are good to go. Unless, of course, you are one of the world's most successful buyout kings. Which means bouncing around the town in a cognac-colored shearling coat and indigo-blue tie with bunny rabbits on it.

Yes, cute, fluffy cottontail bunny rabbits hopping across his chest. "They ARE cute, aren't they? Not something a 'Master of the Universe' would normally wear" he proudly acclaims, flipping up the tie to show it off a little better. Forgetting, perhaps, for a moment, that he actually is a Master of the Universe.


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