Ignoring—Warning—Signs—About—Madoff is The New Black


Hundreds thousands protest in Cairo—where tension don't explode but simmer. [Wall Street Journal]

The New York Times muses on the probability of the Mubarak regime weakening. [NY Times]

"Germany and France Roll Out Plan to Boost Euro" In the spirit of the Superbowl odds making I'll handicap the probability of this solving the problem—at roughly 0 percent. [NY Times]

Ignoring-warning-signs-about-Madoff is the new black. [DealBook]

Still confused—and who isn't?—about the jobs numbers today: Calculated Risk provides the best explanation. [Calculated Risk]

"Chancellor Angela Merkel is turning Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis into an opportunity to reshape the euro region in Germany’s image." (My advice: Don't hold your breath.) [Bloomberg]

FIRE! FIRE! The economy is on FIRE! [Barry Ritholtz]

Useless metrics—now available for the NFL! [CNBC via Reuters]

Superbowl carb binge may be destroying your masculinity. [Daily Beast—Hat Tip Joe Weisenthal]