Strategists Pick 8 Stocks—5 for Egypt Crisis

There are still places for investors to look amid the crisis in Egypt, said Michael Gault, senior portfolio strategist at Weiser Capital Management. He and Robert Pavlik, chief market strategist at Banyan Partners, offered CNBC their top investment names.

“Our main concern right now is we’re looking at what’s going on in the Middle East and you have to pay attention to the crisis there—not only because of who Egypt is as an oil producer, but mainly because of the contagion we can see throughout the region,” Gault told CNBC.

Gault said reports of disturbances in places such as Yemen and Jordan will likely drive up oil prices in the near future. (Scroll down to see Gault’s full picks.)

In the meantime, Pavlik said he likes the following companies:

Hartford FinancialGroup—“The company has seen strong results out of wealth management and the consumer sector, and the stock trades at only 17.5 times [earnings],” he said.

Bunge—“It’s the largest exporter of soybean products, and it’s also a fertilizer [name],” Pavlik said of the firm. “And as the USDA recently announced that exports from this country is the largest since the Russian crop failure, and with the cyclone going on in Australia, this is a play on the agriculture business.”

Whirlpool—“Performance has been mixed last year, but we expect a solid 2011,” he explained. “International markets are providing support, Brazil is seeing higher volumes and increased demand and that’s the same thing going on in Asia.”

Gault’s Picks:

Exxon Mobil



U.S. Steel

US 12 Month Oil Fund

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Gault, nor his family members own shares of XOM, CVX, FCX, X or USL.

Pavlik, nor his family members own shares of HIG, BG or WHR.