My Twitter Headline Contest Inks A Prize Sponsor

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (@darrenrovell), you know that one of my trademarks is to hold a headline contest immediately after a big game. I ask my followers to come up with the best headline referring to the game and often the headlines produced on Twitter trump the headlines that the newspapers have in the morning.

It's all based on the simple crowdsourcing principle — that a group of people can produce better results than one.

Darren Rovell's Big Game Twitter Headline Contest
Darren Rovell's Big Game Twitter Headline Contest

Not only did I think that happened, but I was encouraged by how my followers enjoyed submitting headlines. For most contests, which usually last 10 minutes after the game concludes, I receive hundreds of entries.

Up until now, the winners of my headline contests received a retweet for the winning headline. Although it was a nice recognition, I had always hoped that there would be something better.

Well, in time for what could be the greatest headline contest ever for the big game this weekend, we now have an awesome prize to give away.

The folks at Sony's Columbia/Epic label are giving the winner of the contest two tickets to see Harry Connick Jr. live in Boston at the end of April. The prize includes air transportation for two, a hotel room and a backstage meeting with the Grammy, Emmy and multi-platinum artist after the show. The winner will also get a copy of a CD/DVD of Connick's "Live on Broadway," which hits stores March 1.

So why is the music company doing this?

"We are always exploring new ways to expose our artists and music in non-traditional outlets," said Brian Nolan, senior director of Sony's Columbia/Epic Label group, who dreamed up the partnership idea.

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Business of the Super Bowl - See Complete Coverage

Because the company realizes that building the 25-54 year old male fan base for its artists; which include Bruce Springsteen, Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson and others, can more easily be achieved by getting the attention of that demographic through sports platforms.

I'm humbled by the fact that they want to attach their big brand name to my Twitter feed that I've been quite proud of over the last couple months.

"Darren has proven to be on the cutting edge of social media in the sports world, and being the partner in this headline contest is a perfect fit for us," Nolan said.

As with any contest there areplenty of rulesto get out of the way.

Please read through these rules, which includes the 25 minute time limit and submission eligibility, among other stipulations

Click here to read the full rules.

I eagerly look forward to all of your submissions on Sunday night after the game.

Questions? Comments?