Mmmmm. Debt-to-GDP Charts. Pretty.

What's more fun than an über-geeky debt-to-GDP map-chart combo, in a split screen view, from the IMF?

If you answered 'nothing', then today is your lucky day.

(But wait: There's more! You can vary the dataset, change the scale to logarithmic, and then step frame through the data! All for zero easy payments of just $19.95!)

As the International Monetary Fund website explains: "This historical public debt database is the first truly comprehensive database on gross government debt-to-GDP produced and maintained by the Fiscal Department at the IMF."

Just try not to focus on the actual data—which you will likely find depressing.

For example: At 84.26 percent debt-to-GDP, it appears that the United States is not in great fiscal shape compared to-say, Mexico, which is listed at under 45 percent on a debt-to-GDP basis. An economic powerhouse like Bolivia is at a debt-to-GDP level of 16 percent, and Chile weighs in at under 6.5 percent debt-to-GDP.

Just admire the pretty pictures: It's better that way.

(Hat Tip: The delightful


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