Does Yahoo!'s Chinese Assets Make It A Buy?

Cramer on Monday answered questions from viewers.

The first question came from Bob in Florida, who on Jan. 25 asked about Yahoo! . Being as the Internet company had just reported quarterly earnings results, Cramer said he'd come back to it. After reviewing the earnings, Cramer found Yahoo! reported downside guidance. That, he said, shows a lack of growth and strategy. Yahoo!'s Asian assets, particularly those in China, are worth a lot. The problem is Yahoo! needs to figure out how to grow them. Regardless, Cramer thinks there are better ways to play the Chinese Internet user. He prefers Baidu .

The next question came from C.W. in Missouri, who asked Cramer about HyperDynamics . After doing some homework, Cramer thinks this stock is "way too speculative." Cramer suggests Inergy instead because he thinks its more stable and boasts a juicy dividend, too.

Maureen in Florida wanted to know about BGC Partners . Cramer thinks the brokerage firm is a compelling speculative play. He thinks the stock has momentum and likes its 6.8 percent dividend yield.

Bill in Georgia wanted Cramer's take on Amyris . Its share price price has doubled since its initial public offering on Sept. 27, though, so he would wait to buy this stock.

The last question came from Cynthia in Illinois, who asked about QR Energy . Cramer said it's a strong name with a good dividend yield.

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