Goldman Intern Turns Playboy Bunny

Judy Joo
Food Network
Judy Joo

My guess is that not many people who once worked for Goldman Sachs end up working for Playboy, but Judy Joo, a former Morgan Stanley and Goldman banker turned chef, is proving it's not unthinkable.

Joo, a former Goldman intern and Morgan Stanley derivatives saleswoman, will be the executive chef of the Dining Room, the ground-floor restaurant at London's new Playboy Club, according to Bloomberg.

Joo first left banking to work for Gordon Ramsay in London. She worked as a pastry chef for him for two years and ended up appearing regularly on U.K.'s "Iron Chef." But Joo will be manning her own ship now as she goes to work for the iconic Hugh Hefner.

So how does Joo feel about going from Wall Street's boys' club to, well, a club full of scantily clad bunnies? According to Bloomberg, she's gung-ho about it.

“I’ve worked in very male-dominated environments and you always want to see women being treated fairly in the workplace. In terms of Playboy, if you’re going to attack that type of company, you might as well attack the whole advertising industry, the entire fashion industry, all of Hollywood. So I really don’t think that’s an issue that is so pertinent now.”


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