Our Favorite Part of The FBI Complaint Against Samir Barai And Donald Longueuil

An interesting BBM exchangebetween Samir Barai and Jason Pflaum on page 26 of the complaint.

Late in the night of november 19, 2010, after Pflaum had already begun to cooperate with the Government in its investigation, BARAI and Pflaum exchanged a series of BBM communications regarding the article published in the Wall Street journal. In the BBM communications, BARAI stated that the article said that "key parts of the probes are at a late stage" and that a "Federal Grand Jury had heard evidence." BARAI further stated that he read the "article 10x [meaning, ten times]." BARAI then summarizerd the Reuters article quoted in Paragraph 49 above, which he reviewed:

  • So another reuters article
  • says
  • Last two weeks
  • Fbi had approached HF [Hedge Fund] traders over past 2 weeks
  • And number of traders contacted lawyers
  • Problem is
  • This scope is said to focus on the use of so-called expert network firms
  • Concern for years that some experts may be passing out confi [meaning, confidential] info about to go public cos [meaning, companies] to traders....
  • [The Firm] was only one named!!!!
  • F*****ck

BARAI then concluded the BBM communication with the following instruction: "Delete ur bbm chatr" [meaning, that Pflaum should delete his BBM communication with BARAI].

Sounds a little like panic if you ask me.

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