Why We Like Hong Kong Property Stocks: Fund Manager

After appearing on "The Strategy Session" on Tuesday, David Barse, president and CEO of Third Avenue Management, continued the discussion off-air with David Faber, about his strategy for managing high-yield corporate debt and Hong Kong real estate.

"We are looking anywhere and everywhere for value opportunities. There are no cheaper and safer opportunities than in Hong Kong property stocks—a select few of them," Barse said.

"You've got companies who own real assets, we're not just talking about the residential market and second-tier cities and mainland China that other guest on your show have talked about as the treadmill to hell, we're not talking about that," he added.

"We're talking about companies that have office buildings, industrial spaces, ports and then investments in pipelines for gas or shipping industry, or even private equity investments in lots of different industries," Barse said.

Among the firm's Hong Kong holdings are Henderson Land Development and Cheung Kong Holdings—the biggest blue chip in Hong Kong.

Check out our entire conversation with David Barse in this web exclusive to see his "focus strategy."

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