Hewlett Packard's Bold New Reset

Hewlett-Packard is expected to announce a bold reset of its mobile strategy today, unveiling phones and at least one tablet based on the webOS platform it acquired along with Palm last year.

Below is a Live Blog from the HP Event:

HP 9.7" Touchpad
Photo: hp.com
HP 9.7" Touchpad

2:11 PM/ET: By touching the HP phone to the Touchpad, you activate "touch to share" which can send a webpage or other information from one webOS device to the other.

2:08 PM/ET: The Touchpad can do audio and video calls, which they've demonstrated on stage.

2:07 PM/ET: HP is partnering with magazine publishers, and with Amazon. There is a Kindle app.

1:44 PM/ET: Adobe Flash works on these webOS devices

1:43 PM/ET: Touchpad comes bundled with quickoffice, box.net, other services

1:42 PM/ET: Important to note: the Palm brand has not made an appearance at all.

1:40 PM/ET: HP announces the HP Touchpad. It's the first of a family, Rubinstein says. 1.6 pounds, 13.7 mm thick, 9.7 inch screen, Beats audio technology. 16 or 32 GB of storage, 1.2 ghz dual-core snapdragon.

1:38 PM/ET: The look of the webOS devices hasn't changed much at all, interestingly enough.

1:36 PM/ET: HP also announces the Pre 3. It has a 3.6 inch screen and a slide-out keyboard, targeting business users. It has a forward-facing camera, higher resolution, image stabilization for video capture, and a processor running above 1 ghz. Available "this summer."

1:34 PM/ET: The Veer has a 5 megapixel camera and supports HSPA plus. It has a Snapdragon 7230 processor.

It will be available in "early spring."

1:32 PM/ET: HP announces the HP Veer. It looks just like a Palm Pre.

1:30 PM/ET: A side note: The HP crew is doing a very long windup here to the new stuff. It's a time-honored tradition, perfected by Steve Jobs . But in this case it could have used better structure. The presenters haven't yet said what we'll be learning today.

Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard

1:27 PM/ET: Since acquiring Palm, HP has deployed hundreds of additional engineers to enhance webOS, Bradley says.

Talking about the digital devices people use, Bradley shows pictures including an HP camera that longer exists and a Zune. Interesting choice of imagery.

He says HP webOS will connect people to all their content better.

Jon Rubinstein has joined him on stage.

1:20 PM/ET: The event has begun.

HP Personal Systems Group EVP Todd Bradley has taken the stage.

Bradley is laying out HP's history of innovation.

Check back here for more details as they are revealed.

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