Bieber Fever Heads to Movie Theaters

Justin Bieber
Gabriel Bouys | AFP | Getty Images
Justin Bieber

There's something about Justin Bieber's overnight success, natural talent, humble beginnings, and funny hair, that's struck a chord amongst tween and teen girls around the world (and their moms). Now this 'Bieber Fever' is heading to movie theaters with "Never Say Never,"a 3-D documentary concert film.

Paramount's (VIA) opening the film wide this weekend, but is offering a sneak peak for a pricey $30 per ticket at 300 theaters across the country. Demand is huge: the 60,000 available tickets sold out. And tickets are selling fast for this weekend's nation-wide release: "Never Say Never" accounts for 71 percent of all tickets sold on Fandango this week. Paramount's invested in a significant ad campaign, but Bieber himself is also promoting the

Bieber is an Internet Super Celebrity on an entirely new level. He has almost 21 million Facebook fans and over 7 million Twitter followers. A Forbes study of the Twitter celebrities named Bieber the most influential celebrity on the site, in terms of his ability to influence his followers' purchases and behavior. And he's one of only a few people whose YouTube videos have totaled over 1 billion views.

And Bieber has been making the rounds promoting the upcoming film — with appearances everywhere from 'Saturday Night Live' to John Stewart's "Daily Show." From The Today Show to 'Late Night with David Letterman' it's been hard to turn on the TV without catching sight of him. He even starred in a Best Buy Super Bowl ad.

On the heels of all this promotion, 'Never Say Never' could deliver Paramount a gold mine. It spent just $12 million to make the film, and will draw a premium for the 3-D tickets, which cost on average two to three dollars more than regular movie tickets. The upside potential is a $65 million total gross, on par with Miley Cyrus' concert film. On the other end of the spectrum, Disney's "Jonas Brothers" film grossed just north of $19 million. Bieber's expected to land somewhere between.

And of course a hit film would add to Bieber's coffers. He had quite a good year in 2010 — generating nearly $50 million in both album sales and tour revenue. He brings home just a tenth of the album price, and about a third the tour revenue. That plus his cut from digital music tracks ($6.9 million worth last year), means Bieber probably took home $22 million. This year Forbes staff writer Zack O'Malley Greenberg expects that number to double in 2011. Greenberg says Bieber earns about $300,000 for every concert he performs. So his wealth will grow with the number of shows he squeezes into his upcoming world tour.

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