NYSE Gets to Keep Its Name—at Home, at Least

An idea making the rounds that the New York Stock Exchange could change its name and strip it from its historic building at Broad and Wall once it is merged into Deutsche Boerse is just wrong, a source familiar with the situation said.

The name "Global Exchange" seems to be being floated as a place holder for the combined Deutsche Boerse/NYSE Euronext. But the NYSE name will not be dropped from the building or the exchange. Deutsche Boerse also gets to keep its name.

"There's no intention to change any of the local branding in any of the businesses. Over time, there will be more local emphasis on the name. The New York Stock Exchange is going to be New York Stock Exchange. Deutsche Boerse will stay Deutsche Boerse," the source said.

The holding company for the combined companies? It so far has no official name, but it will and it won't be NYSE. (More: Asian Exchanges May Be Next In Growing Wave of Mergers)

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