'Commodity Complex' Gaining From Cheap Money: Hedge Fund Exec

The commodity complex is going to be the big beneficiary of quantitative easing, Judah Kraushaar, managing partner of Roaring Brook Capital, a hedge fund focused on U.S. mid-cap companies, told CNBC on Thursday.

Judah Kraushaar
Judah Kraushaar

"We're in a world of quantitative easing where money is being thrown at the market left and right. You want to focus on companies that can get the benefit of that," Kraushaar said.

"There's selective inflation out there, it potentially can broaden out, but right now most of the commodity complex is going to be the big beneficiary of that," he said.

Some of the companies that we're invested in have natural gas and oil, but I'm much more interested in the oil side, still," Kraushaar said, adding, "The oil side of these companies is going to get the best leverage."

In addition, as with any investment strategy, the name of the game in the equity markets is "where are returns stable or going higher and where are they falling," he said.

"We're going to be seeing a lot of changes in terms of what types of companies have pricing power, and which companies are going to be on the losing end of that bargain—where there input costs are going to be rising and they're going face margin pressure," Kraushaar concluded.

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