Buy Your Sweetie Some Apple for Valentine's Day

Roses are nice. Jewelry is better. But investors love tech stocks on Valentine's Day.

They are also in the mood to buy stocks in general, when Valentine's Day falls on a Monday.


The overall stock market has historically had a mixed performance on Feb. 14, but not the tech driven Nasdaq . It has been up 64.7 percent of the time, and on the last three times that Valentine's Day was a Monday, it was up on all three.

The S&P 500 , the broad blue chip measure, is mostly a loser on Valentine's Day and has been up just 38.7 percent of the time. However, when Valentine's Day is a Monday, the S&P rallies, and has been up 63.4 percent of the time.

The Dow 30 has been up almost half the time, at 46.6 percent, but when Feb. 14 falls on Monday, it's been up 54.6 percent of the time.

Your Valentine would probably like a tech stock on Monday, like Apple, but you might want to wrap it up with something a bit more romantic.

(Standard and Poor's was kind enough to supply these statistics)

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