Catching Up With Johnny McEntee

UCONN’s backup quarterback Johnny McEntee is the darling of the viral video world after his trick shot video blew up on YouTube. We talked with “Johnny Mick” about how it all went down. If you haven’t seen it, watch it here first.

Darren: When did you do this thing?

McEntee: We filmed it from 10 am to about midnight last Saturday.

Darren: What was the goal?

McEntee: Well, the women’s basketball team here at UCONN did something similar, so that was the idea. We thought people would send it around campus and we wanted to share it with our family and friends.

Darren: But what happened?

McEntee: We posted it on YouTube on Tuesday and then the next day it was on the front page of Yahoo. I was going to have a heart attack. I couldn’t believe it.

Darren: It has 3 million hits. How famous are you now?

McEntee: I did interviews with reporters in Hungary and England.

Darren: Do people tell you they think that it’s fake?

McEntee: Yeah, all the time. They think it can’t be real.

Darren: How long did it take to pull off some of these shots? How about the one through the net into the garbage at the 40-yard line?

McEntee: Did that in about five tries. The hardest one was the shot over the baskets from far away. Took me about 25 times to get that.

Darren: You only had seven touchdowns as a senior in high school. How is that possible? Did you have a great running back?

McEntee: Yeah, D.J. Shoemate. He went to USC and then with their violations came here to UCONN.

Darren: Did your new coach Paul Pasqualoni see this yet?

McEntee: I saw him yesterday and he told me he still hasn’t seen it but his saw it and enjoyed it.

Darren: You’re the backup heading into spring ball. Give me a send of how good you are?

McEntee: I’m a pretty good trick shot quarterback.

Darren: Seriously.

McEntee: I’m alright.

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