Attention UBS Folks: Beware of Honda Civics

2011 Honda Civic NVG
Source: Honda
2011 Honda Civic NVG

If you're looking to get a meeting with the president of a Swiss bank, 'gesturing' with a bat may not be the most effective way to achieve your goal.

The Stamford Advocate reports:

"City police are looking for a man who appeared at UBS' sales and trading headquarters on Washington Boulevard [in Stamford, CT] and brandished a baseball bat after asking for 'the president.'"

"After demanding to see 'the president,' the visitor then walked back to his car and pulled out a bat. He then began gesturing with the bat before driving away in his white Honda Civic. Police checked the area and were unable to find the man or his car."

Fortunately 'The President' of UBS, Kaspar Villiger, is safely ensconced in his offices in the Bahnhofstrasse—in Zurich.

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